I view myself as a former violinst gone polyglot who speaks English, German, Finnish, Spanish, some Mandarin, and really rusty Hungarian. I can get by reading the news in French, and Russian is my newest language toy.

Spoken languages

I speak the following languages:

Language CEFR level un/official
English native official
German C1 official
Finnish C1 unofficial
Spanish B2 unofficial
Mandarin A2 unofficial
Hungarian A2 official
Russian A0-A1 unofficial

For more information, see my LinkedIn profile (in German).

What have I done lately?

Often people are interested in what someone has done recently. In the past two or three months, I have done these things:

  • Spoke English and German with engineers about technology.
  • Defined a NABC (need, assessment, benefit, and the competition) to move technical documentation from Sphinx and reStructuredText to DITA, DITA-OT, and XML and Markdown.
  • Got my hands dirty again with DITA and started contributing to the DITA-OT project.
  • Provided a work-around solution for Docodoro, which potentially uses a non-backward compatible Git submodule.
  • Steadily learned more Russian.
  • Played with Pandas for Python.

I wish I had you as a teacher when I was first learning to speak English.

— Duc from Vietnam

Updated on 10 Oct. 2019