Distill technical concepts into plain language.

About me

Over the course of years, I have transformed myself into a polyglot. My native language is English, and I speak Finnish and German at an advanced level, and several languages at less than advanced levels.

My deep interest in life-long learning stems from my Finnish cultural background, in which one actively pursues personal growth endeavors at whatever age.

My current title is Senior Documentation Engineer, and I help engineers distill complex concepts into plain language so they can share their technical knowledge with a broader audience. A couple of examples of my collaboration with engineers are Item-Item Music Recommendations With Side Information (PDF) and Scaling an elastic PostgreSQL cluster using foreign data wrappers.

Ursula co-built an organised system for documentation for a large engineering department. She created conventions and coached engineers to write better documentation. Her love for clear and simple language is infectious. Ursula helped me become a more effective writer and everyone I communicate with benefits from that. —Duana Stanley, Software Engineer

Among the technical tools that I have used, I have my favorites or ones that I have used more frequently: Linux; Git, GitHub, GitLab; Sublime Text, LaTeX, vim, <oXygen/>, Arbortext Epic Editor; DITA, DocBook; HTML, CSS; XML, XSL; Hugo, Nanoc; Bash; GIMP; and memoQ.

Ursula showed me that it takes special care to produce material that is free of ambiguity and understandable to the intended audience. I’ve carried over her expertise into my own documentation work, which has received praise.
—Denis, Software Engineer