Technical writer

Leaning on 15+ years’ experience as a technical writer, I write technical documentation for software engineers, website developers, researchers using supercomputers, and more. As an example of my collaboration with engineers, see Item-Item Music Recommendations With Side Information (PDF).

Among the technical tools that I have used, these are my favorites or I have used them most frequently:

  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Git; GitHub, GitLab
  • Sublime Text, LaTeX, vim
  • <oXygen/>, Arbortext Epic Editor
  • DocBook, DITA
  • XML, XSL
  • Hugo, Nanoc
  • Bash
  • GIMP
  • memoQ

These are things that I am learning about:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • NLP

Ursula co-built an organised system for documentation for a large engineering department. She created conventions and coached engineers to write better documentation. Her love for clear and simple language is infectious. Ursula helped me become a more effective writer and everyone I communicate with benefits from that.

—Duana Stanley, a software engineer

Ursula showed me that it takes special care to produce material that is free of ambiguity and understandable by the intended audience. I’ve carried over her expertise into my own documentation work, which has received praise, in no small part due to Ursula.

— Denis [dəˈni], a software engineer


For a new Berlin resident, I translated at the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde) from German to English and English to German. As a Senior Localization Manager, I vetted translations from German to English, and Finnish to English. As a means of learning languages, I translate from a given target language into English.

I speak the following languages:

Language CEFR level un/official
English native official
German C1 official
Finnish C1 unofficial
Spanish B2 unofficial
Mandarin A2 unofficial
Hungarian A2 official

Within the same language, I translate technical content into plain language.

Instructional designer

As a holder of an Instructional Designer certificate from Langevin Learning Services, Inc., I designed SoundCloud’s training curriculum for the Engineering department from scratch.

As a holder of an advanced TEFL certificate, I planned English lessons and taught non-native speakers from multiple backgrounds within the same classroom.

Accent coach

As a former violinist, I distill technical information about language sounds into practice sets that you can use to gain a new accent based on Standard American English. I listen to your speech patterns and provide specific, individualized techniques that you can use to become more easily understood by native speakers. You can use these techniques to transform your English into an asset to achieve personal and professional goals.

I wish I had you as a teacher when I was first learning to speak English.

— Duc from Vietnam